City Information

Utility Bill Example

 DUE:  March 1st of each Year

$5.00 per dog
$25.  Late Fee After April 1st of each year

You must present proof of rabies vaccination.

Purchase Dog Licenses at the Currie City Clerk’s Office in the Municipal Building
801 Third Street. Office hours:
Monday – 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Tuesday through Thursday – 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Closed Fridays
Clerk’s Office Phone Number 507-763-1540 

The City of Currie Ordinances Regarding Dogs:

5.105. License Required

It is unlawful for any person to own, possess, or harbor a dog six months of age or over in the City without first having obtained a license for the dog. 

5.106. License Application

A person desiring to own or harbor a dog within the City is required to apply for a license from the City Clerk-Treasurer or other designated person.  Licenses will be issued for a period of one year and shall expire on the first day of March each year.  Every application for a license shall be accompanied by a certificate from a qualified veterinarian showing that the dog had been vaccinated for rabies within two years prior to the expiration of the license applied for.  Unlicensed dogs shall be impounded by a person authorized by the City Council.

5.108. License and Special Permit Fee

The license fee and special permit fee shall be set from time to time by the City Council, and a schedule of such fees is on file and available in the City Offices 

5.109. Registration Plate

Upon the granting of a license, the City Clerk-Treasurer or other designated person shall issue to the owner a registration plate.  It is the duty of the owner to affix to and keep the plate on the dog at all times.  

§90.17 Public Nuisance Animals

“It shall be unlawful for any person to keep or harbor a dog which habitually barks or cries.  HABITUAL BARKING shall be defined as barking for repeated intervals of at least five (5) minutes, with less than one (1) minute of interruption.  The barking must also be audible off of the owner’s or caretaker’s premises.” 

“Violation of §90.17 of this chapter shall constitute a petty misdemeanor, punishable as set forth by the laws of the state as prescribed at the date of violation.”

5.102 Restraint and Confinement

“No person may permit a dog to run at large in the City of Currie.  All dogs shall be under restraint at all times.”

 Currie City Ordinance 5.110 entitled Impoundment of Animals states:

“The Murray County Sheriff’s Department, or any other duly appointed person, may take and impound any animal which is not being kept, confined or retained in a manner consistent with the requirement of the these regulations.”

To receive your Utility Bill, Minutes and other inserts by e-mail, contact the City Clerk at [email protected]

CITY OF CURRIESUMMARY RULES FOR PUBLIC COMMENTAgenda:  An agenda is available for public inspection at the entrance to the meeting room.  Ordinarily the Council will address items as they appear on the agenda.

Council procedure:  The Council has adopted rules of procedure for all meetings.  In order to take official action on items, the Council will pass a motion by voice vote.  Generally, a simple majority vote of the members present is needed to pass most motions.  The Council takes no action during an open forum presentation.

Public participation in meetings:  Comments from the public are restricted to the public forum period.

City Council meetings are the forum for the City Council to conduct the City’s business.  While City Council meetings are open to the public pursuant to the Minnesota Open Meeting Law, they are not a forum for public expression.

Members of the public are not allowed to participate in Council discussion and debate, without a specific invitation by the presiding officer.

Members of the public shall not applaud, engage in conversation, or engage in other behavior through words or actions that may disrupt the proceedings of the Council.

During the public forum period, citizens must:

  • Sign up prior to speaking and provide a name, address, and brief summary of the subject matter they wish to address.  The sign-up sheet is available at the meeting entrance.
  • Be recognized by the presiding officer before speaking.  Comments are limited to 2 minutes.  The Council is limited to 2 minutes of questions and discussion.
  • Direct their remarks to the presiding officer.
  • Follow the direction of the presiding officer.

During forum period, the public is prohibited from:

  • The use of obscene, profane, or threatening language.
  • Threatening, loud, or boisterous conduct that disrupts the meeting or the security of the public.

Members of the public who do not follow the direction of the presiding officer will be warned that further disruptive conduct will result in removal from the meeting.  If the conduct continues, the presiding officer may ask the speaker to leave.

If you believe that the value or classification of your property is incorrect,
you must first contact the Murray County Assessor’s Office at 507-836-1104 to discuss your concerns.
If you still disagree, you may appear before the local board of appeal and equalization.
The board will review your assessment and may make corrections as needed.
The board meeting is usually held prior to the Council Meeting, the 2nd Tuesday in April at 6pm each year.
For the exact date & time, notices will be posted at the Post Office, Bank, Ruppert Oil and the Municipal Building, and our Facebook Page.

Currie is a Mail Ballot Precinct click here for more information:

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You DO NOT have to be in the floodplain to get flood insurance

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